Terappin's Therapists in Anger Management Specialty

Tolga Zeynel Gök

Expert Therapist
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After completing his undergraduate education in Psychology at Üsküdar University, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, he completed his Master's degree in Clinical Psychology at Üsküdar University. In addition to the experiences she gained at “NP Istanbul Brain Hospital” during her specialization process, she completed child, adolescent and adult assessment tests, sexual therapy and family life processes training and clinical interview techniques training. Apart from these, he completed internships where he saw psychopathological cases, individuals with special education and mental disorders, and now he sees his clients online and face-to-face in his own office. Courses completed during his residency, - Psychophysiological Foundations of Behavior - Cognitive Behavioral Treatments (CBT) - Family and Couples Therapy - Child Psychopathology - Advanced Psychopathology - Psychopathology and Psychopharmacological Approaches - Group Psychotherapies - Psychodiagnostic Tests - Clinical Supervision

Ceren Naz Şenaydın Bulduklar

Expert Therapist
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Psychologist Ceren Naz Şenaydın Bulduklar, who is currently in the project phase of the last stage of her master's degree, completed her psychology undergraduate education at Doğuş University in 2017 and was accepted to the clinical psychology master's program at Atılım University in 2021. Within the scope of the master, I received a client accompanied by a supervisor teacher and completed my supervision process. Currently, she sees clients both face-to-face and online. During her undergraduate education, she did internship at Erenköy mental and nervous diseases hospital, Erzurum Atatürk University training and research hospital psychiatry service and polyclinic. During her master's education, she completed her internships at Boylam psychiatric hospital and Gülhane Military Medical Academy psychiatric hospital. She completed her training on cognitive behavioral therapy and rational emotional behavioral therapy schools. prof. Dr. Cognitive behavioral therapy theoretical training from Hakan Türkçapar, Dr. Medalyon psychiatry center. She also received MMPI personality inventory practitioner training from Nursel Oral. At the same time, Dr. He also attended Mehmet Teber's cognitive behavioral play therapy training. Unconditional positive acceptance, sincerity and therapeutic relationship are the most important values in her sessions. It is here to listen to you and provide psychological support, both in getting to know yourself and in your various problems.

Aslı Özer

Expert Therapist
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I completed my undergraduate education in the Department of Psychology at Haliç University. In this process, I took part in Kindergarten internship, Bakırköy Psychiatric Hospital Chronic Mental Health Patients patient observation, Public Success (Coaching Training) project. I carried out the projects of Descriptive Analysis of the Relationship between the Harmony of Married Couples and Feminism Views, and Examining the Relationship between Tolerance by Considering the Socio-Cultural and Economic Variables of Primary School Students. During this period, I worked as an Adult and Child Psychologist in Women's and Family Health Centers. Afterwards, I worked as a Psychologist at the Provincial Directorate of Social Services Child Protection Agency (Child and Youth Services). I completed my master's degree in Arel University, Department of Psychology. Afterwards, I worked as a manager in some private education institutions. In this process, I participated in the Biruni University Family Counseling Certificate Program and received the Family Counseling Certificate.”

Kezban Ekiz

Expert Therapist
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Specialist Psychologist Kezban Ekiz successfully graduated from Üsküdar University, Department of Psychology. In order to increase his professional competence, he received a master's degree with thesis in the field of "Clinical Psychology" at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, England. He completed his master's degree with his thesis study "How Early Life Traumas Affect Personality in Adulthood". In Istanbul; He completed his internships in various institutions such as NPISTANBUL Brain Hospital, Moodist Hospital, Kartal Anatolian Court of Justice Family Court, Validebağ Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School guidance department, Validebağ Mustafa Necati Bey Teachers' Nursing Home. He worked as a psychologist specialized in the fields of children, adolescents and adults in the garden counseling center. During this period, she worked as a volunteer psychologist in the psychological support groups created for the Izmir earthquake and the covid19 epidemic. Then, during her time as a Clinical Psychologist in the Turkish Red Crescent Izmir Community Center Mental Health Strengthening Project, she worked with children, adolescents and adults from both immigrants and local people, dealing with PTSD, stuttering, discrimination, bullying, incontinence, depression and anxiety. He has created cognitive-behavioral, client-centered, treatment plans in which art and play are included in therapies, both individually and as a group. He contributed to the development of the “Coaching Project for Increasing Global Skills for Disadvantaged Women's Employment and Social Inclusion” supported by the Istanbul governorship and the European Union. She continues online and face-to-face therapies and works voluntarily with local people and immigrants as a Clinical Psychologist at Imra Association.

İzim Yalçın

Expert Therapist
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İzim Yalçın graduated from Yaşar University, Department of Psychology in 2021. He took part in various academic and social responsibility projects during his undergraduate and graduate years. He graduated from Istanbul Kent University Clinical Psychology Master's Program in 2022. It provides online and face-to-face session support to its clients.

Batuhan Uğraş

Expert Therapist
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Hello, dear client candidate, I am Clinical Psychologist Batuhan Uğraş. Welcome to self-discovery and healing. Therapy is an adventure of healing, rediscovering, discovering and realizing oneself. Each session is an important step in this journey and I congratulate you on taking this step. The therapist is a companion who accompanies you on this journey, does not judge, supports you and helps you in your discovery. I will be your companion on this journey. In our journey, I work eclectically with Schema Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy schools. Schemas begin to form from childhood. While some schemas are positive and harmonious, some may be negative and maladaptive. Schemas that develop especially in situations such as negative childhood experiences, traumas and neglect, lead to psychological disorders such as anxiety and depression in adulthood, as well as problems in interpersonal relationships. These schemas consist of memories, emotions, cognitions and bodily sensations. These are the basic beliefs we use when perceiving ourselves, others and the world. However, the schemas we develop may not always make us happy or work for us, and we may develop negative and incompatible schemas. In this journey, we can discover your incompatible schemas, take control of them, and say goodbye to their negative effects on your life. In my education life, I graduated from Başkent University, Department of Psychology. I completed my Master's degree in Clinical Psychology at Atılım University and received the title of Clinical Psychologist. First, I completed my KUPO-N – School of Psychology in Clinical Practice and Objective Evaluation Training at Boylam Psychiatry and Amatem Hospital, and then I did a 1-year internship and training as a clinical psychologist. During my master's degree, I studied "Psychopathology" with Prof. Dr. I bought it by Ertuğrul Köroğlu. I completed my supervision and clinical psychologist internship as a Clinical Psychologist in Ankara Gülhane Training and Research Hospital, Department of Psychiatry, and I had the opportunity to work in many different case areas. I worked in the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and supervision process at Atılım University Student Development and Counseling Center and accepted clients. I am a Clinical Psychologist with expertise in mental health research and treatment. During my undergraduate education, I completed my Schema Therapy and Short-Term Solution Focused Therapy training and supervision, and during my master's degree in Clinical Psychology, Dr. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) by Dilek Demirtepe and Assoc. Dr. I have also completed the Rational Affective Cognitive Therapy (REBT) training I received from Neşe Alkan. Dr. I completed my "Couple Family and Group Therapy" training by Dilek Demirtepe Saygılı and received the title of "Couple and Family Therapist". I work to observe my clients mentally and psychologically, to be patient and careful in diagnosis and treatment planning, to develop special therapy plans for each client during the therapy and treatment process, to respond specifically and individually to their needs, to find a safe environment and solution, and to always be helpful. My special areas of practice are Depression, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), Personality Disorders (Borderline Personality Disorder), Anxiety (General Anxiety Disorder), Sexual Therapy, Relationship Problems and Couple and Family Counseling. I'm looking forward to working with you.

Sevde Bayraktar

Expert Therapist
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I graduated from Kültür University, Department of Psychological Counseling and Guidance, in 2018, with a first degree and with a high honor degree from the Psychology department at the same university within the scope of the Double Major Program. I completed the Clinical Psychology Master's Program at Haliç University. During undergraduate and graduate studies; I continued my internship in many public and private educational institutions, hospitals and rehabilitation centers. Following my undergraduate graduation, I worked as a psychological counselor in Turkey's leading educational institutions. In addition, I have been providing therapy services in the field of adolescents and adults both face to face and online in a counseling center since 2018. I provide these services within the scope of EMDR, Short-Term Dynamic Therapy, Short-Term Solution Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Family Counseling. Owned but unexplored areas can often scare us. Our attempts to enter these areas we fear may come with increasing feelings of discomfort. We can realize that it is time to enter the field with many symptoms characterized by disruption of sleep patterns, differences in nutrition, impasses in relationships and more. In a therapeutic relationship established in a comfortable and unconditional way, we have the opportunity to navigate those maps more freely. In the sessions, I try to provide clients with new insights through new experiences in a safe environment, with the above-mentioned training and experiences.

Münire ÖZDEN

Expert Therapist
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Specialist Clinical Psychologist Münire ÖZDEN successfully completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology at Ege University and graduated in 2015. Then, in 2019, she successfully completed her master's degree in Istanbul Esenyurt University, Department of Clinical Psychology. It provides online and face-to-face support to clients by applying eclectic-oriented therapy techniques for the needs of the individual.

Bilun Altunbaran

Expert Therapist
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He graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University in 2019. He started his MSc in Clinical Psychology at Istanbul Altınbaş University in 2021 and is in the thesis stage. He received theoretical training on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Child Development Tests within the scope of his master's program. During his undergraduate education in Psychology, he aimed to gain experience by doing internship in various institutions. These internships; He completed his studies at Yağmur Children's Special Education and Rehabilitation Center, Etiler Therapy Center and Amos Education Consultancy. He conducted a study on the migration psychology of children who came to Turkey from Syria in a study on Perceiving Children's Life Events at Istanbul Bilgi University. During her undergraduate education, she volunteered at KAÇUV and Make a Wish Association. He worked as an active professional in the university exam preparation processes and in the selection periods of the candidate students preparing for the university, in choosing the right profession and choosing the university. He conducts online and face-to-face sessions as children, adolescents and adults.

Zeynep Aydede

Expert Therapist

Zeynep Aydede, lisans eğitimini 2015 yılında Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi Psikoloji Bölümü’nünde tamamlamıştır. Uzmanlığını Üsküdar Üniversitesi Klinik Psikoloji dalında; “Bireylerde Dolaylı Utanma, Empatik Eğilim ve Anksiyete Duyarlılığı Arasındaki İlişki” konulu tez çalışmasıyla tamamlamıştır. NP Beyin Hastanesi yataklı serviste ve NP Feneryolu Polikliniğinde obsesif kompulsif bozukluk tanısı almış bireylerle yürütülen terapi çalışmalarında gönüllü olarak yer almıştır. Yüksek lisans eğitimi sırasında süpervizyon desteğiyle beraber Bilişsel Davranışçı Terapi Eğitimi ve Şema Terapi (International Society of Schema Therapy) eğitimi almıştır. 2020- 2022 yılları arasında Varoluşçu Akademi’de iki yıl süren Temel Varoluşçu Analiz Eğitimini tamamlamıştır. 2018-2020 yılları arasında klinik deneyimini Psikoklinik Psikiyatri ve Psikoterapi Merkezi'nde süpervizyon altında; çocuk , ergen ve yetişkin terapi seanslarıyla gerçekleştirmiştir. Şu anda çalışmalarını İstanbul’ da yüzyüze ve online olarak sürdürmektedir.

Enver Sarı

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Clinical Mental Health Counselor Counseling Professor International Certified Schema Therapy Practitioner National Certified Solution Focused Therapy Practitioner

Büşra Tekeli

Expert Therapist
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Hello! I am Clinical Psychologist. Büşra Tekeli. I am a Koç University English Psychology graduate. I am doing my master's degree in Clinical Psychology at Üsküdar University and I am seeing clients. I work with my clients in the field of adult individual psychotherapy with the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy school. Since I consider it important to carry out psychotherapies with support from different therapy focuses and to draw a personalized therapy path, I also benefit from "Interpersonal Counseling", which is used to improve social relations, and "Art Therapy", which allows you to express yourself through art, for which I have received training. I am here to give you therapy support.

What Do Our Users Say About Terappin?

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Access to a therapist was not easy for me due to my location. This application was a great convenience for me. Also, the ability to receive therapy at the environment I want, eliminates the possibility of breaking the therapy process in the middle, because it is already difficult for me to gather myself and go to therapy at times. Terappin was a good choice for me in this regard. Many thanks to Terappin.

Hande D. | 5
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I have been receiving my therapy sessions regularly through Terappin application, for abour a year now. During a difficult time, I decided to give this app a chance, and Terappin has become indispensable to me after that. I feel very comfortable as all my personal information is carefully protected. Being able to have therapy sessions at any place, day and time allows me to move freely.

Yiğit Z. | 5
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I started using the Terappin application 2 months ago. I always had the idea of receiving traditional therapy, but it was quite difficult to find time for it with my busy schedule. That's why I wanted to try the Terappin application and I was incredibly satisfied with it. Being able to message my therapist and easily plan my next sessions within the application has had a very positive effect on my therapy process.

Beyza E. | 5
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I had been feeling the need to receive therapy for a long time and I had doubts about online therapy, which I overcame with Terappin. I receive therapy every week with great comfort and openness towards my therapist. Being able to receive quick and explanatory responses from the Terappin operations team for all my questions also increases my confidence in the application. Thank you.

Neslihan Y. | 5
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I find Terappin very beneficial and it is online nature makes me feel at home. I can easily request sessions and my sessions are very productive. Sometimes, even without making an appointment beforehand, I can start a therapy session with my therapist by sending an instant therapy request. I feel like I'm taking some time for myself, especially during stressful and busy times. I also enjoy using the psychology tests within the application.

İrem D. | 5
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Terappin is not only very accessible but also an effective application. It is a platform that anyone who doesn't have time for therapy in their busy life can use. Moreover, the option to choose from numerous therapists and evaluate them is really great. Also, having a mood calendar within the application was very useful for me to track the effects of daily events and therapy on my life. I frequently recommend it to people around me.

Naz C. | 5
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It was an advantage for me that it's online because I have a baby. Being able to determine my appointment time according to my availability during the day and being able to receive instant therapy provides great comfort. Although I have completed only three sessions so far, I can feel the positive change in myself. Thanks to Terappin for providing access to therapy regardless of location and time.

Sevgi Ş | 5

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