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In a study where human resources managers from over 200 global companies came together, it was stated that creating psychological support opportunities is the first step in strengthening employee satisfaction and mental health.

Source: Employee Wellbeing & Mental Health: 5 Strategies From Top CHROs

Benefits to Corporate Life

Why Do Corporations Love Terappin?

Kuruma Özel Hizmet Terappin

Customized Service for
Your Company

We analyze according to the size and needs of your team and provide you with the most suitable solution for your company. We provide flexibility according to changing needs.

Verimli, Mutlu Çalışanlar Terappin

Productive and
Happy Employees

We value your team's mental health and provide services tailored to individual needs for a happier, healthier, and more productive work environment.

Mental Sağlık Eğitimleri Terappin

Health Seminars

We conduct face-to-face or online seminars with expert therapists on monthly topics identified in collaboration with the organization and teams.

Raporlama ve Analiz Terappin

and Analysis

We prepare usage reports while keeping employee information confidential and can dynamically progress according to the changing needs of the organization.

Why do Corporate Teams Love Terappin?

Psikoloğun Her Zaman Yanında

Your Therapist is
Always by Your Side

You can access Terappin's online therapy service whenever you want. Our expert therapists are always
with you, whether it's after work or on weekends.

Tüm Özelliklere Erişim

Access to
All Features

You can take our Psychology Tests, listen to Relaxing Sounds, track your Emotions with daily Mood Calendar, or read our Blogs to improve your well-being

Anonim Görüşme Seçeneği

Counseling Option

You can have convenient online therapy sessions with an anonymous username if you wish. You can also freely change your therapist at any time to ensure the best fit for you.

Gizliliğinizi Önemsiyoruz

Confidentiality is
Important to Us

All online sessions are end-to-end encrypted, preventing third-party access. The sessions are only between you and the therapist to ensure privacy.

According to the data of the World Health Organization

Things to Know About Terappin

We answered some frequently asked questions by corparations and corporate teams.

Online therapy is professional mental health counseling services provided via the internet, primarily through live video conferencing between the client and therapist in a virtual environment. This type of therapy is also known as e-therapy, teletherapy, telemental health, and online counseling. Online therapy, which rapidly gained popularity due to the isolation and remote living caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, continues to maintain and even increase its popularity as the challenging conditions imposed by the pandemic gradually diminish. Unlike traditional face-to-face therapy, online therapy allows individuals to participate in therapy from any environment at a time that is convenient for both the client and therapist, as long as the necessary conditions are met to maintain the flow of therapy. Therefore, online therapy provides flexibility beyond spatial and even temporal boundaries for both parties involved.

All sessions with therapists on Terappin are conducted within the framework of confidentiality. To ensure full confidentiality, all sessions are end-to-end encrypted so that no one, including Terappin, can access them.

Our expert therapists providing services at Terappin determine their own working hours. Many of our experts also provide services outside of working hours and on weekends. By checking the calendars of our expert therapists on the application, you can create an appointment for a mutually suitable time.

You can send an instant therapy request to our therapists who have the option "Start Therapy". If the therapist confirms you have to pay in 15 minutes. After the payment you can start the therapy session. If a therapist is offline you can view the schedule of therapist and determine the appropriate time for you and make an appointment.

Yes, if you want to continue your therapy journey with a different expert therapist during the process, you can continue to receive therapy by creating a session with a new therapist by solving our test or reviewing our other therapists providing services.

Although everyone has the right to apply for online therapy, unfortunately, we cannot say that online therapy is suitable and beneficial for everyone. Below are the situations where therapy with a therapist in person is considered more appropriate than online therapy:
  • Clients who are prone to suicide
  • Clients who harm themselves
  • Clients who experience delusions and hallucinations
  • Clients who cannot provide therapy conditions in their environment (For example, those who have to participate in therapy in a crowded and noisy environment, those who do not have a stable internet connection, etc.)
Except for the client situations listed above, if there is no exceptional circumstance, therapists do not see any harm in starting or continuing the therapy process with their clients online.
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