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We have answered some questions you might have about Terappin

Online therapy is professional mental health counseling services provided via the internet, primarily through live video conferencing between the client and therapist in a virtual environment. This type of therapy is also known as e-therapy, teletherapy, telemental health, and online counseling. Online therapy, which rapidly gained popularity due to the isolation and remote living caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, continues to maintain and even increase its popularity as the challenging conditions imposed by the pandemic gradually diminish. Unlike traditional face-to-face therapy, online therapy allows individuals to participate in therapy from any environment at a time that is convenient for both the client and therapist, as long as the necessary conditions are met to maintain the flow of therapy. Therefore, online therapy provides flexibility beyond spatial and even temporal boundaries for both parties involved.

One of the biggest doubts about online therapy is whether it is as effective as face-to-face therapy. People may worry that sessions conducted without meeting their therapist in person will have no therapeutic effect and that all their efforts, both material and spiritual, will be in vain. We would like to completely dispel any doubts by answering this question clearly: 'Yes, online therapy works.' Online therapy works just as well as face-to-face therapy because the only difference is that the parties are brought together in a virtual environment. The therapist and the client reach each other from their own quiet and calm places instead of a therapist's office or a hospital environment, and the process continues in this way. Therapy does not lose any of its qualitative functions, and there is no decrease in the duration of therapy.

Although everyone has the right to apply for online therapy, unfortunately, we cannot say that online therapy is suitable and beneficial for everyone. Below are the situations where therapy with a therapist in person is considered more appropriate than online therapy:
  • Clients who are prone to suicide
  • Clients who harm themselves
  • Clients who experience delusions and hallucinations
  • Clients who cannot provide therapy conditions in their environment (For example, those who have to participate in therapy in a crowded and noisy environment, those who do not have a stable internet connection, etc.)
Except for the client situations listed above, if there is no exceptional circumstance, therapists do not see any harm in starting or continuing the therapy process with their clients online.

Creating an appointment for an online therapy session and participating in therapy on Terappin is quite simple. The following steps are the online therapy process from start to finish. You can easily create an online therapy appointment and conduct the therapy process online by following these 4 steps: After creating an account on Terappin, answer the questions we ask to suggest the most suitable expert therapist for you. Choose the most convenient time for yourself from the appointment calendar of the online therapist that is most suitable for you and your needs. Join the online therapy session with a single click on the appointment day and time, and start your 45-minute session with the therapist. After the session, you can message your therapist to determine the next online therapy session or ask any questions on any subject.

Since online therapy fees are determined by the therapists, it is not possible to give a specific fee; however, it is worth noting that online therapy does not lead to any loss or deficiency in the quality of therapy. Likewise, conducting therapy online does not impose more responsibilities than traditional therapy. Therefore, the average fee per session of online therapy sessions may vary depending on the therapist's education level, experience, applied therapy methods, and conditions. However, don't let this uncertainty discourage you, online therapy fees on Terappin have wide price ranges to create an accessible therapy opportunity for everyone, regardless of budget.

You can start therapy with all therapists where the "Start Therapy" option is active, within a maximum of 15 minutes after making your payment. On the other hand, for therapists where the "Start Therapy" option is not active, you can access the appointment calendar and review their availability. After reviewing, you can choose a suitable day and time from the options shown to you and create an appointment.

Terappin is an online therapy platform where those who want to take the first step on their therapy journey can find the most suitable therapists for themselves. The counseling service offered by the Terappin application enables people who do not have the opportunity or do not want to receive face-to-face therapy due to time, location or economic reasons to benefit from psychological counseling online. In addition to the online therapy service, Terappin helps you to better understand yourself with the "Free Psychological Tests" in the application, observe and follow the development of your daily emotions with the "Mood Calendar", feel more comfortable at any time with the "Voices" you can access for free, and fall asleep more easily.

Everyone's therapy journey is unique. That's why we find the best terapist that fits your needs on Terappin. After you sign up to our application, we'll ask you a few questions. Based on your answers, we'll recommend you the most suitable of more than 200 licensed therapists

All sessions with therapists on Terappin are conducted within the framework of confidentiality. To ensure full confidentiality, all sessions are end-to-end encrypted so that no one, including Terappin, can access them. They are not shared with third parties unless there is a court order.

On Terappin we have therapists who have been accepted into the platform after declaring their diplomas, licenses, certificates and references and being approved by our ethics board. You can get support from our licensed therapists in many fields such as Family Therapy, Couples Therapy, Adolescent Psychology and Adult Psychology.

Given that online therapy is not recommended for those in the midst of severe psychiatric disorders (such as schizophrenia), dissociative disorders, or those with suicidal thoughts, Terappin is not a suitable platform for those experiencing these types of psychological challenges. It is recommended to seek support from a healthcare institution instead.

Make sure to carry out the sessions in an environment that is quiet and free of distractions with a stable internet connection, which will allow you to benefit from the sessions to the fullest. Please do not forget that you may encounter problems in the sessions if the connection speed is low.

A therapy session takes 45 minutes.

You can make payments securely through the İyzico infrastructure with a credit card or debit card. You can change your card information or add a new card in the 'Payment Methods' section on the 'Profile' tab. Card information is not stored on the Terrapin infrastructure.

The tests, sounds and the emotion tracker created by Terappin are completely free so that you can always feel that we are always there for you. You can use the app whenever you want to use these services.

For all complaints and suggestions you can always contact [email protected] via email or text us through the WhatsApp Live Support line which you can find in the app.

You can send an instant therapy request to our therapists who have the option "Start Therapy". If the therapist confirms you have to pay in 15 minutes. After the payment you can start the therapy session. If a therapist is offline you can view the schedule of therapist and determine the appropriate time for you and make an appointment.

You can cancel your appointments by sending an e-mail to [email protected] or by sending a message through the Whatsapp Live Support which is located under the profile tab. You have the possibility to cancel for free up to 24 hours before the session.

A therapist is an expert who examines people's behavior, thoughts, and emotions, taking into account the conditions and environmental factors they are in. Therapists who use many different methods and techniques to understand people's emotions and thoughts can provide services in many different ways. In addition to clinics open to face-to-face service, online therapy centers are also accessible and preferred by clients due to their accessibility. Therapists who accept clients online can be called online therapists. Although online therapy is just starting to become widespread in Turkey, 92% of Terappin clients stated that they are satisfied with this service.

Psychotherapy is a treatment approach based on certain theories or paradigms, carried out by expert therapists, which a person seeks to understand their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors and cope with the challenges related to them. Psychotherapy can be performed using different methods and techniques depending on the person's needs.

Psychotherapy is a process that progresses through the relationship established with an expert who has adopted the method and approach suitable for the person's needs. During therapy, the individual communicates one-on-one with the therapist about their life, challenges they face, and their emotions and thoughts in response to events. The therapist listens to and asks questions of the individual, and helps them identify the source of their problems and find solutions.

Therapists are specialized individuals who study human behavior, emotions, and thoughts, having graduated from the Psychology undergraduate program at universities. Therapists can obtain expertise with a master's degree and become authorized as psychotherapists with therapy training.

Psychiatrists, on the other hand, are individuals who have completed their undergraduate degree in Medicine, specialized in mental health. Psychiatrists can evaluate individuals' mental health, prescribe medication, and become authorized as psychotherapists by completing necessary therapy training.

You can seek psychological support from a therapist when you feel mentally or emotionally unwell, struggling with daily life, or experiencing relationship or family problems. Additionally, you can consult with an expert to become aware of your cognitive and behavioral processes, better understand the people, events, and circumstances around you, and acquire new skills to cope with them.

Anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and similar mental illnesses, as well as personal development and transformation, can be facilitated through therapy sessions. Various psychology practices are performed by expert therapists at Terappin. These practices are categorized according to the needs of the clients under 7 main headings. These categories can be listed as child and adolescent therapy, family and couples therapy, adult psychology, exam anxiety, and sexual therapy.