Terappin's Therapists in Tourette Syndrome Specialty

Keremcan Güzel

Expert Therapist
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❗️ 1000 Clients Have Already Managed to Change/Discover Their Lives ❗️ Keremcan GÜZEL completed his undergraduate education at Middle East Technical University, Department of Psychology, as the "Top of the Department" with an average of 3.85/4.00. Then, he graduated from Istanbul Kent University's Clinical Psychology program and was awarded the title of Clinical Psychologist. Professionally since 2019; He conducts psychotherapy with his clients online. In order to qualify the field of expertise; He completed Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy Training, Positive Psychotherapy training within the "Turkish Psychologists Association" and the "World Association for Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy". In addition, EMDR Level I and II are accredited by the Turkish EMDR Association and EMDR Europe under Asena Yurtsever and Emre Konuk. Level Practitioner has gained EMDR application competence with theoretical and practical training. He is competent in the fields of depressive disorders, specific phobias, sexual therapy, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, psychosomatic symptoms, post-traumatic stress disorder, relationship problems-couple therapy.

Emin Komşal

Expert Therapist
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I was born in 1972 in Kerimler Village, Güney district of Denizli. After completing primary school at Kerimler Village Primary School, I completed my secondary and high school education as a boarding student at Isparta Gönen Teacher High School. I graduated from Hacettepe University, Faculty of Letters, Department of Psychology in 1993, which I graduated from in 1989, and graduated from the university with the title of psychologist. Since 1994, I have been providing psychological support to young people and their families in the field of education in personal, social and educational areas, and I continue to do so. I try to contribute to young people through individual and group work, especially in the processes of knowing themselves, developing their awareness and self-realization. By adopting the preventive model, young people seek and find solutions to the problems they may encounter in personal, social and educational areas; communication skills, problem solving, anger management, etc. I planned and managed life skills acquisition activities. By attending student hypnosis training in 2008, I had the opportunity to closely experience my theoretical knowledge about the human spiritual apparatus. In 2008, I also received training on Stuttering for 2 years. In 2009, as an 8th Group trainee within the Psychotherapy Institute, I have been improving myself in the fields of Integrative Psychotherapy and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy for 3 years. I completed Integrative Psychotherapy training in 2011. In 2014, I completed the Clinical Psychology Master's Program at Istanbul Esenyurt University with the thesis topic "Examination of the relationship between tendency to violence and self-perception in high school students" and received the title of Clinical Psychologist. Emotion-Focused Therapy Turkey Emotion-Focused Therapy Institute - 2019 Certificate of Authorization for the Medical Application of Psychology Ministry of Health - 2008 Short-Term Counseling Skill Nevin Dölek - 2014 Currently, I continue to work on premarital counseling, couple and marriage therapy, and psychotherapy with adolescents and adults within the framework of holistic psychotherapy. I also work as a supervisor.

Gizem Akcan

Expert Therapist

I completed my university education in 2011 as an Honor Student at METU Department of Psychology. Later, I graduated from Istanbul Arel University Psychology Thesis Master's program in 2013. After successfully completing my master's degree, I graduated from Istanbul Arel University Clinical Psychology Doctorate Program in 2017. I did my PhD thesis in Clinical Psychology on the subject of "homosexuality". I have articles written in Turkish and English published in national and international indexed journals, posters, oral presentations and panels presented at domestic and international congresses. Dr. at Bartın University Department of Psychology. Lecturer I work as a member. I worked as a therapist in some therapy centers for many years. I have been actively providing online consultancy on many subjects in Turkish and English for about 10 years. I continue to see clients with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Art History Therapy, which is my new therapy method that I developed in 2023 and is accepted to be applied worldwide.

Emine Mine İşler

Expert Therapist
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Hello, I am Emine Mine İşler, a clinical psychologist. • Panic Disorder • Agoraphobia • Anxiety Disorders • Social Anxiety Disorder • Pervasive Anxiety Disorder • Separation Anxiety Disorder • Specific Phobias • Major Depressive Disorder (Depression) • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) • Acute Stress Disorder • Eating Disorders (Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder, Avoidant/Restricted Food Intake Disorder, Withdrawal-Rumitting Disorder, Unspecified Eating and Eating Disorder, Pica) • Expulsion Disorders (Enuresis-Somatic Encopresis and Enuresis) • I work with Disorders • Body Image Disorder • Illness Anxiety • Trichotillomania (Hair Pulling Disorder) • Sleep-Wake Disorders • Bipolar Disorder • Dissociative Disorders (Depersonalization-Derealization-Amnesia-Identity Dissolution) • Exam Anxiety • Lack of Self-Confidence. I also provide services to my child-adolescent clients. SCHOOLS OF THERAPY: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Psychodynamic Based Psychotherapy Tests We Used: MMPI (Minnesota Multidimensional Personality Inventory) WISC-R Intelligence Test for Children Trait Anger and Anger Expression Style Scale Beck Depression Inventory Beck Anxiety Scale Personal Tests (tests applied according to the situation) WISC-R Intelligence test for children

Özlem Veral Özken

Expert Therapist

2017 yılında Işık Üniversitesi Psikoloji Bölümü'nü yüksek onurla tamamladım. Yüksek lisansımı ise Roma La Sapienza Üniversitesinde yapmış olup Uzman Psikolog ünvanını aldım. Eğitim hayatım boyunca İspanya'da Escuele Infantil Pequenos Artistas adlı anaokulunda, Doğa okullarında, Bakırköy Ruh ve Sinir Hast. Eğt. ve Araştırma Hastanesinde ve Roma'da bulunan Santa Lucia Ruh ve Sinir Hast. Eğt. ve Araştırma Hastanesinde stajyer psikolog olarak çalıştım. 2017-2018 yılları arasında Yeni Yorum Anaokulunda Psikolog olarak çalıştım. Yüksek lisansımı bitirdikten sonra mesleki çalışmalarıma Bursa Medical Park Hastanesinde 2.5 yıl boyunca devam ettim. Şuanda çalışmalarıma kurucusu olduğum İdea Psikodiyet’ de devam etmekteyim. Bilişsel davranışçı terapi, oyun terapisi, aile terapisi, emdr terapisi, uyguladığım bazı terapi yöntemlerindendir.

Funda Karadoğan

Expert Therapist
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Hello, I am Expert Clinical Psychologist Funda Karadoğan. I completed my undergraduate education at Çankaya University, Department of Psychology in 2018. During my undergraduate life, I worked as a research assistant in a scientific project with Dr. Ezgi Tuna Kaygusuz on "Instagram Usage and Various Psychological Variables". I worked as an intern psychologist in the inpatient service at Private Koru Hospital. Then, I took various psychology courses as an external student at Middle East Technical University. In 2021, I was accepted to Atılım University Clinical Psychology master's program. I did my graduation project on "Early Maladaptive Schemas, Sexual Attitudes and Myths". In my Clinical Psychology education, I studied "Psychopathology" with Prof. Dr. I bought it by Ertuğrul Köroğlu. As part of my master's degree, I worked as an intern psychologist in Psychiatry and AMATEM clinics at Boylam Psychiatric Hospital for six months. Dr. I took the Couple, Family and Group Therapy course from Dilek Demirtepe Saygılı. In 2020, Dr. I started accepting clients with the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) school under the consultancy of Tuğba Yılmaz. My Atılım University supervisor Assoc. Dr. I completed my supervision training by taking face-to-face clients under the consultancy of Neşe Alkan for approximately four months. Specialist Psk. I received Family and Couple Counseling (450 hours) training from Sibel Düzakın and successfully completed my supervision process. I presented oral papers titled "Use of Instagram in the Framework of Clinical Psychology" and "Social Appearance Anxiety, Loneliness, Depression and the Mediating Role of Instagram Use" at the National Psychology Student and National Psychology congresses. Specialist Psk. I received Child Assessment (Franfurter, Porteus Maze, Catell 2a Intelligence Test, Burdon, Agte, Gessel, Metropolitan School Maturity, Peabody, Benton, Kinder Angst, Kent Egy, Sdöt) Tests training from Semih Tezelli. Expert Psychologist I attended Tuba Akyüz's training on Working with Long-Term Trauma. During my undergraduate education in Psychology, Dr. Lecturer. I received Neuropsychological Test Battery (Winsoncin, Stroop, Wechsler, SDLT, GISD-B, Line Direction Determination, Raven) training and supervision from member Hande Kaynak. After my undergraduate education and while continuing my master's degree, I worked as a "Psychologist" and "Family Counselor" in psychotechnical and psychological counseling centers. I attach importance to establishing a therapeutic bond based on unconditional positive acceptance. I am waiting to be your companion on this journey of self-discovery and awareness.

Işıl Bahar

Expert Therapist
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He completed his undergraduate education at Istanbul Aydın University, Department of Psychology in 2016, and his master's degree in Clinical Psychology at Üsküdar University in 2020. He also simultaneously received pedagogical formation training at the university where he completed his undergraduate education in 2016. Immediately after graduation, he worked at well-established educational institutions in the education sector at different age levels for a total of 4 years. During his master's degree, he worked with Clinical Psychologist Dr. at Üsküdar University NP Neuropsychiatry Medical Center for 10 months. As a volunteer co-therapist in Cengiz DEMİRSOY's team, she worked with patients with OCD, social phobia, panic disorder and PTSD. He has been providing therapy services on various online platforms and face to face for 2 years. In the sessions he conducts in the fields of Adult Therapy and Child/Adolescent Therapy, he mainly uses the Cognitive Behavioral therapy school and benefits from psychodynamic doctrine. He uses play therapy techniques on children.

İrem Demirtürk

Expert Therapist
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He completed his undergraduate education in Psychology at Bahçeşehir University. She completed her MSc in Clinical Psychology at Okan University. He received his supervision and training on CBT therapy. After receiving EMDR training from Onur Okan Demirci, she actively practices EMDR therapy.

Zehra Akhan Demirel

Expert Therapist

Hello, I am Zehra Akhan Demirel Specialist Clinical Psychologist, after graduating from the Department of Psychology in 2017, I completed my Master's in Clinical Psychology in 2019. I have been seeing active clients for 6 years. anxiety disorders; I mainly use Cognitive behavioral therapy and EMDR method in panic disorder, phobias, OCD, depression, grieving process, post-traumatic stress disorder, anger problem, eating disorder. After completing my advanced sexual therapy training, I also give sexual counseling. I use play therapy for my child clients and the Filial therapy method to help their families.

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Access to a therapist was not easy for me due to my location. This application was a great convenience for me. Also, the ability to receive therapy at the environment I want, eliminates the possibility of breaking the therapy process in the middle, because it is already difficult for me to gather myself and go to therapy at times. Terappin was a good choice for me in this regard. Many thanks to Terappin.

Hande D. | 5
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I have been receiving my therapy sessions regularly through Terappin application, for abour a year now. During a difficult time, I decided to give this app a chance, and Terappin has become indispensable to me after that. I feel very comfortable as all my personal information is carefully protected. Being able to have therapy sessions at any place, day and time allows me to move freely.

Yiğit Z. | 5
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I started using the Terappin application 2 months ago. I always had the idea of receiving traditional therapy, but it was quite difficult to find time for it with my busy schedule. That's why I wanted to try the Terappin application and I was incredibly satisfied with it. Being able to message my therapist and easily plan my next sessions within the application has had a very positive effect on my therapy process.

Beyza E. | 5
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I had been feeling the need to receive therapy for a long time and I had doubts about online therapy, which I overcame with Terappin. I receive therapy every week with great comfort and openness towards my therapist. Being able to receive quick and explanatory responses from the Terappin operations team for all my questions also increases my confidence in the application. Thank you.

Neslihan Y. | 5
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I find Terappin very beneficial and it is online nature makes me feel at home. I can easily request sessions and my sessions are very productive. Sometimes, even without making an appointment beforehand, I can start a therapy session with my therapist by sending an instant therapy request. I feel like I'm taking some time for myself, especially during stressful and busy times. I also enjoy using the psychology tests within the application.

İrem D. | 5
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Terappin is not only very accessible but also an effective application. It is a platform that anyone who doesn't have time for therapy in their busy life can use. Moreover, the option to choose from numerous therapists and evaluate them is really great. Also, having a mood calendar within the application was very useful for me to track the effects of daily events and therapy on my life. I frequently recommend it to people around me.

Naz C. | 5
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It was an advantage for me that it's online because I have a baby. Being able to determine my appointment time according to my availability during the day and being able to receive instant therapy provides great comfort. Although I have completed only three sessions so far, I can feel the positive change in myself. Thanks to Terappin for providing access to therapy regardless of location and time.

Sevgi Ş | 5

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