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İpek Kıran

Expert Therapist

I graduated from Bahçeşehir University, Department of English Psychology. I studied at Lessius University in Belgium through a student exchange program. After my undergraduate education, I completed my master's degree in Applied (Clinical) Psychology at Istanbul Haliç University. I attended many trainings and gave seminars regarding my personal and professional development. I completed the examination and supervision phase of the 350-hour Group Psychotherapy Training at the Istanbul Psychodrama Institute, which I entered in 2012, and received the title of Co-Psychodramatist. During my education, I participated in Individual Psychodrama, Child Psychodrama and Spontaneity Theater studies for adults. I received the Honorable Mention award in the International Psychodrama definition competition. There is a translation section I made in the book “Psychodrama in the 21st Century”. EMDR Adult I. and II. I received Level Therapy Training, certificate and supervision. I completed 450 hours of Family Counseling training and supervision and received the title of Certified Family Counselor. EMDR Adult I. and II. I have completed Level Therapy Training, Family Counseling Training, Child-Centered Play Therapy Training, Art Therapy Training, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Training with Children, Gottman Couple Therapy Training, Solution Focused Therapy, Cognitive Therapy, Strategic and Structural Family Therapy training. I have completed the certificates of necessary test training such as Attention Tests Training, Child Tests Training, Moxo Attention, Impulse and Hyperactivity Test, WISC-R Intelligence Test Training. I completed 2 years of Rorschach Test and CAT Test training. For years, I simultaneously worked as a Kindergarten Coordinator in a private school. I am a member of the Turkish Psychologists Association and the EMDR Association. Instagram: uzm.psk.ipekkiran

Halil Direkli

Expert Therapist

Halil Direkli, who completed his undergraduate education in Psychology at Istanbul Nişantaşı University, then completed his Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology at Istanbul Kent University with a successful GPA of 4/3.45 and the study "Criminal Behavior Profile in Gambling Addiction". He started his studies as an intern in the field of Addiction at the Green Turkey Society and continued as a permanent specialist in the same institution. Between 2019-2022 Prof.Dr. Kültegin Ögel, Specialist Dr. Onur Karabatak, Dr. Lecturer He received supervision from member Ömer Kardaş. Currently Dr. He continues to receive supervision from İbrahim Sarı. Between 2019 and 2022, he worked as a Clinical Psychologist at the Green Crescent Consultancy Center with the title of "Expert".

Tolga Zeynel Gök

Expert Therapist
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After completing his undergraduate education in Psychology at Üsküdar University, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, he completed his Master's degree in Clinical Psychology at Üsküdar University. In addition to the experiences she gained at “NP Istanbul Brain Hospital” during her specialization process, she completed child, adolescent and adult assessment tests, sexual therapy and family life processes training and clinical interview techniques training. Apart from these, he completed internships where he saw psychopathological cases, individuals with special education and mental disorders, and now he sees his clients online and face-to-face in his own office. Courses completed during his residency, - Psychophysiological Foundations of Behavior - Cognitive Behavioral Treatments (CBT) - Family and Couples Therapy - Child Psychopathology - Advanced Psychopathology - Psychopathology and Psychopharmacological Approaches - Group Psychotherapies - Psychodiagnostic Tests - Clinical Supervision

Beril Deniz

Expert Therapist
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Hello there! First of all, I would like to congratulate you wholeheartedly for wanting to embark on this path with the decision to discover yourself and take a step for the better. I hope we can work together and I can help you on your journey. I am Psychologist Beril Deniz, I have completed my undergraduate education in psychology at TOBB University of Economics and Technology, and I have also graduated from Anadolu University, Department of Sociology. Thus, after graduating with a double degree, I continued my education at Atılım University with a Master's in Clinical Psychology. During these processes, I did internship as a psychologist in institutions such as METU Psychology Laboratory, Schizophrenia Associations Federation, Boylam Psychiatric Hospital, Ankara Gülhane Psychiatry Clinic, Atılım University Student Counseling and Development Center. prof. Dr. Ertugrul Koroglu, Prof. Dr. I had the opportunity to take lessons from valuable teachers such as Haldun Soygür, Prof.Dr.Şükrü Uğuz. After completing my Cognitive Behavioral Therapy training, which is my main school of work, Assoc.Prof.Neşe Alkan and Dr. I received supervision from Melis Demircioğlu. In addition, I have many test practitioners such as Moxo Attention Test, MMPI, TAT, Beier, Mini Mental test, Brief Symptom Inventory. I also obtained training certificates on topics such as addiction therapy counseling, death and bereavement therapy, eating disorders, anger management, and methods of coping with stress. As a result of a research we conducted with my university professors, I have an article on my own that has entered the literature. Currently, I am working on the research of the master's degree project examining the relationship between parenting styles and eating attitudes and I continue my online / face-to-face therapies. Remember that therapy is a different and progressive process for each client. In this process, the psychologist's duty is to accept the client unconditionally, listen, help and respect the client's privacy. In this sense, therapy is a special area for you, free from judgment, labeling and condemnation. All conversations in the therapy session remain between the client and the therapist. In line with the ideal time interval determined for the sessions, my sessions last an average of 45-50 minutes. The method I use in therapy is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and psychoeducation, which is based on the structuring of our maladaptive thoughts. In this sense, I can say that my main goal is to teach clients to become their own psychologists at the end of therapy. One of the most curious things before starting therapy is how long the therapy will last. Depending on the client's problem, progress and frequency of the sessions, 8-10 sessions can be envisaged in the CBT school, although it varies for each client. However, in some cases, it may take much shorter or longer if the client's needs continue. You can also get one-session counseling if you only need advice or consulting a psychologist. We hope to take this step for yourself. Anxiety Disorders #Stress #Depression #Unhappiness, restlessness #Procrastination Habit Instagram: psychologist_berildeniiz

Batuhan Uğraş

Expert Therapist
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Hello, dear client candidate, I am Clinical Psychologist Batuhan Uğraş. Welcome to self-discovery and healing. Therapy is an adventure of healing, rediscovering, discovering and realizing oneself. Each session is an important step in this journey and I congratulate you on taking this step. The therapist is a companion who accompanies you on this journey, does not judge, supports you and helps you in your discovery. I will be your companion on this journey. In our journey, I work eclectically with Schema Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy schools. Schemas begin to form from childhood. While some schemas are positive and harmonious, some may be negative and maladaptive. Schemas that develop especially in situations such as negative childhood experiences, traumas and neglect, lead to psychological disorders such as anxiety and depression in adulthood, as well as problems in interpersonal relationships. These schemas consist of memories, emotions, cognitions and bodily sensations. These are the basic beliefs we use when perceiving ourselves, others and the world. However, the schemas we develop may not always make us happy or work for us, and we may develop negative and incompatible schemas. In this journey, we can discover your incompatible schemas, take control of them, and say goodbye to their negative effects on your life. In my education life, I graduated from Başkent University, Department of Psychology. I completed my Master's degree in Clinical Psychology at Atılım University and received the title of Clinical Psychologist. First, I completed my KUPO-N – School of Psychology in Clinical Practice and Objective Evaluation Training at Boylam Psychiatry and Amatem Hospital, and then I did a 1-year internship and training as a clinical psychologist. During my master's degree, I studied "Psychopathology" with Prof. Dr. I bought it by Ertuğrul Köroğlu. I completed my supervision and clinical psychologist internship as a Clinical Psychologist in Ankara Gülhane Training and Research Hospital, Department of Psychiatry, and I had the opportunity to work in many different case areas. I worked in the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and supervision process at Atılım University Student Development and Counseling Center and accepted clients. I am a Clinical Psychologist with expertise in mental health research and treatment. During my undergraduate education, I completed my Schema Therapy and Short-Term Solution Focused Therapy training and supervision, and during my master's degree in Clinical Psychology, Dr. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) by Dilek Demirtepe and Assoc. Dr. I have also completed the Rational Affective Cognitive Therapy (REBT) training I received from Neşe Alkan. Dr. I completed my "Couple Family and Group Therapy" training by Dilek Demirtepe Saygılı and received the title of "Couple and Family Therapist". I work to observe my clients mentally and psychologically, to be patient and careful in diagnosis and treatment planning, to develop special therapy plans for each client during the therapy and treatment process, to respond specifically and individually to their needs, to find a safe environment and solution, and to always be helpful. My special areas of practice are Depression, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), Personality Disorders (Borderline Personality Disorder), Anxiety (General Anxiety Disorder), Sexual Therapy, Relationship Problems and Couple and Family Counseling. I'm looking forward to working with you.

Beril Ramazanoğlu

Expert Therapist
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Beril Ramazanoğlu completed her undergraduate education in Psychology at Fatih Sultan Mehmet Foundation University with a scholarship. During his education, he completed internships in various places and also received training in order to specialize in his field. Undergraduate internships; He actively completed his studies at Kaatz Beratungsstelle, Doctors Academy, Aura Psychotherapy Art Therapy and Training Center in Germany. After completing her undergraduate education, she received Family Counseling training from Marmara University and started working in this field. He completed his clinical psychology internship by doing general follow-up of inpatients at Surp Pirgiç Armenian Hospital. At the end of her undergraduate education, after her first internship in Germany, she started to follow up Turkish-German clients face to face and online. He started the Nişantaşı University Clinical Psychology Master's program in 2022 and is in the thesis stage. He continues his online and face-to-face sessions for children, adolescents and adults. TESTS APPLIED: Ψ MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory) Ψ PEABODY PICTURE WORD MATCHING TEST Ψ METROPOLITAN SCHOOL MATURITY TEST Ψ PORTEUS MAZE TEST Ψ BENTON VISUAL MEMORY TEST Ψ GOOD ENOUGH Ψ CATELL 2-A Ψ CATELL 3-A Ψ ANKARA DEVELOPMENT SCREENING INVENTORY (AGTE) Ψ D-2 ATTENTION TEST Ψ BURDON ATTENTION TEST Ψ FRANKFURTER ATTENTION TEST Ψ GESSEL TEST Ψ BENDER-GESTALT VISUAL MOTOR PERCEPTION TEST Ψ FROSTIG DEVELOPMENTAL -VISUAL PERCEPTION TEST Ψ WORD PROCESSATION TEST

Keremcan Güzel

Expert Therapist
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❗️ 1000 Clients Have Already Managed to Change/Discover Their Lives ❗️ Keremcan GÜZEL completed his undergraduate education at Middle East Technical University, Department of Psychology, as the "Top of the Department" with an average of 3.85/4.00. Then, he graduated from Istanbul Kent University's Clinical Psychology program and was awarded the title of Clinical Psychologist. Professionally since 2019; He conducts psychotherapy with his clients online. In order to qualify the field of expertise; He completed Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy Training, Positive Psychotherapy training within the "Turkish Psychologists Association" and the "World Association for Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy". In addition, EMDR Level I and II are accredited by the Turkish EMDR Association and EMDR Europe under Asena Yurtsever and Emre Konuk. Level Practitioner has gained EMDR application competence with theoretical and practical training. He is competent in the fields of depressive disorders, specific phobias, sexual therapy, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, psychosomatic symptoms, post-traumatic stress disorder, relationship problems-couple therapy.

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Access to a therapist was not easy for me due to my location. This application was a great convenience for me. Also, the ability to receive therapy at the environment I want, eliminates the possibility of breaking the therapy process in the middle, because it is already difficult for me to gather myself and go to therapy at times. Terappin was a good choice for me in this regard. Many thanks to Terappin.

Hande D. | 5
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I have been receiving my therapy sessions regularly through Terappin application, for abour a year now. During a difficult time, I decided to give this app a chance, and Terappin has become indispensable to me after that. I feel very comfortable as all my personal information is carefully protected. Being able to have therapy sessions at any place, day and time allows me to move freely.

Yiğit Z. | 5
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I started using the Terappin application 2 months ago. I always had the idea of receiving traditional therapy, but it was quite difficult to find time for it with my busy schedule. That's why I wanted to try the Terappin application and I was incredibly satisfied with it. Being able to message my therapist and easily plan my next sessions within the application has had a very positive effect on my therapy process.

Beyza E. | 5
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I had been feeling the need to receive therapy for a long time and I had doubts about online therapy, which I overcame with Terappin. I receive therapy every week with great comfort and openness towards my therapist. Being able to receive quick and explanatory responses from the Terappin operations team for all my questions also increases my confidence in the application. Thank you.

Neslihan Y. | 5
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I find Terappin very beneficial and it is online nature makes me feel at home. I can easily request sessions and my sessions are very productive. Sometimes, even without making an appointment beforehand, I can start a therapy session with my therapist by sending an instant therapy request. I feel like I'm taking some time for myself, especially during stressful and busy times. I also enjoy using the psychology tests within the application.

İrem D. | 5
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Terappin is not only very accessible but also an effective application. It is a platform that anyone who doesn't have time for therapy in their busy life can use. Moreover, the option to choose from numerous therapists and evaluate them is really great. Also, having a mood calendar within the application was very useful for me to track the effects of daily events and therapy on my life. I frequently recommend it to people around me.

Naz C. | 5
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It was an advantage for me that it's online because I have a baby. Being able to determine my appointment time according to my availability during the day and being able to receive instant therapy provides great comfort. Although I have completed only three sessions so far, I can feel the positive change in myself. Thanks to Terappin for providing access to therapy regardless of location and time.

Sevgi Ş | 5

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